In today’s beauty conscious society, great emphasis and demand is placed on cosmetic surgery. To find the qualified cosmetic surgeon and the procedure that would best suit your need could be time consuming and yet unrewarding at best. This brochure is created to simplify this task and to lend you the knowledge needed in this endeavor.

At Davinci cosmetic surgery, today’s most innovative cosmetic surgical procedures are performed to give you the most satisfactory results. They include procedures to improve and enhance the beauty of your face, eyes, lips, nose, neck, breasts, abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, knees, legs and the ankles.

Our ultimate goal is to satisfy the most discerning individual. This is achieved by our gifted surgeon whose aesthetic sense and imaging skills are those of a true artist. Dr. Najafi’s complete training and board certification in general surgery complemented by a full training in plastic surgery with emphasis on cosmetic surgery makes him a superior cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon uniquely qualified to offer you the full spectrum of cosmetic surgical procedures.

Our state of the art computerized cosmetic imaging equipment allows you to capture the desired look before the actual surgery. This along with Dr Najafi’s multiple thorough consultations will ensure the best possible surgical plan and execution which leads to excellent results and most happy and satisfied patients.

Our modern and fully equipped outpatient surgical facility with outstanding and caring staff will ensure that your experience with us will be a most pleasant one.

Few of the many cosmetic surgical procedures offered are listed in the Procedures page.